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Gun banners in the U.S. Senate are attacking your gun rights AS YOU READ THIS.


Not just about assault rifles. Anti-gun lawmakers are proposing mandatory liability insurance for firearm owners to exercise a fundamental, constitutional right. The NRA opposes mandatory liability insurance for gun owners because it is economically discriminatory and will penalize law-abiding gun owners. You don't have to carry insurance to exercise any other constitutional right!

And the only person who can save your freedom is YOU.

Right now, we need to prove to every Senator on Capitol Hill that American gun owners are UNITED and READY TO FIGHT against any freedom-killing proposal to ban our guns, ban our magazines, criminalize private firearms transfers, or force us to register our firearms.

And that means letting both of your U.S. Senators hear from YOU. It means calling them and flooding their offices with emails.

Every gun owner's voice must be heard...STARTING WITH YOURS!!!

Call the Capitol Hill switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask for your Senators by name. Or, email your Senators by going to NRA-ILA's "Let Your Voice Be Heard" webpage.
Whether you call or email, make sure you tell your Senators to vote NO on any gun ban...NO on any magazine ban...NO on criminalizing private firearms transfers...and NO on any gun registration scheme.

If you want to save your gun rights, you need to act NOW. No one can take your place in this battle...I need you to STAND AND FIGHT with NRA-ILA today!

P.S. This is unlike any battle we've ever fought. The anti-gun politicians in Congress aren't trying to pass just one gun ban. They're throwing every gun control scheme they've ever dreamed up at us...bans, registration, name it. Donít trust your representative; any of them will barter away your rights for a deal on their pet project. Make sure they all know we will not compromise..

NRA-ILA is fighting this battle on every front. But we need you in our corner!
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